This e-book contains a complete and compact Apple Keynote course to build professional presentations and animations on your own. Through hands-on exercises, you quickly learn to use the interface, tools and commands. Special knowledge is not required, but you do need general computer skills. 
• the work flow • the interface • slides, master slides and (own) themes • paragraph, character and list styles • links • shapes, lines and color • slide transitions • actions • build ins and build outs • magic move • image processing • instant alpha • video and audio • drawing with the pen • tables and charts • formulas • conditional marking • Keynote on iPads, iPhones and the web • rulers and guides • dictation • notes • print • export • presenter display • remote control • online polls • Keynote community • glossary • shortcuts
The course is accompanied by exercises and extras that can be downloaded via the site The book is in interactive ePub format, suitable for tablets and desktop and laptop computers.



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Working with Keynote? You'll need this book!

Want to know how Keynote works? If you want to create a Keynote presentation, then this book is a must have. Even if you already know Keynote, the book gives you new insights and tips.
The writer has made it a very practical book with examples and exercises. Every exercise is explained in detail so that you will always get to the end result.
The book covers the basics but also more advanced techniques. That's why I recommended it to beginning users, but also more experienced users.
When you are looking for a book that talks in general about presentations, this is not the one you are looking for. The book discusses all functionalities from Keynote. It goes a bit further by indicating where some features can be used for. That is nice and gives this book that little bit extra.
In general, I really like this book and I advice it to everyone who's working with Keynote from Apple.