The test program offers the opportunity to check the trainee’s ability to find solutions and avoid kisses. Similar positions can be found in all three already released volumes of “Ducking Kisses in Three Cushion”. I want to encourage the reader to approach some problems open-minded in a creative and exploring way. 
In the first part of this chapter a position is depicted where only the three balls with the coordinates are given. In order to guarantee a precise positioning of the balls, I also depicted aid lines (dotted) which run from B 1 through B 2 and the according reference point on the rail. After marking the position exactly on the cloth, you can start to look for a solution. 
In the second part my preferred solution is presented. However, the reader should also here stay open-minded and should consider other solutions and strategies and try them out. 
In most of the solutions you will find a hint about in which chapter of which volume the respective strategy to avoid a kiss is discussed. If you have downloaded all three volumes you can get to this chapter by clicking on the shown link. 
After analyzing a problem in very detail you can start to slightly alter the position and move one or another ball for a few centimeters. Then the challenge is to find out up to which point the strategy that you just worked out is reasonable and possible.
Three-cushion billiards is a very complex sport which makes it especially important that the process of learning is as dynamic and creative as possible.



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