Download The Launchpad Beginner’s Guide to Yoga: Everything You Need To Start Practicing Yoga and discover how this ancient practice can transform your body, mind and overall well-being. If you’ve always wanted to try yoga but didn’t know where to start, then this book is for you!
Yoga is a unique form of exercise based on the diversity of benefits it provides, ranging from improving your posture, building your strength, reducing stress, losing weight, managing pain, and too many others to mention (but are all explained in this book).
If you’ve ever wondered whether a single fitness regimen could supercharge your health in a way that improves your entire life, then you owe it yourself to learn what yoga is, how it works, and most importantly… how you can start practicing yoga!
You’ll discover how yoga can help you:
Detoxify your body for optimal health.
Reduce asthma attacks.
Heal back (and many other types of) pain.
Reduce your stress so you can relax and enjoy more of your life.
Build your strength and endurance without the complexity and risks of weight-lifting.
Better manage pregnancy, menstruation, and post-natal recovery.
And much more…
Download The Launchpad Beginner’s Guide to Yoga and enjoy the gratification of revitalizing your body with the low-impact, life-changing practice that is yoga!



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