Spencer, Lord Wolverston and newly named Earl of Kinraven, has found peace in the wilds of Scotland. Free from the torment of seeing the woman he desires above all things but can never have, he’s slowly finding his footing in the world again as he attempts to restore the impoverished estate. But that new found peace comes crashing down around him when the source of his misery arrives on his doorstep, half frozen and injured from a carriage accident. With no other option, he opens his home to her, knowing that his heart will soon follow, whether he wishes it or not. 
Miss Larissa Walters has fled London, seeking out the bastion of safety and security that has always been Lord Wolverston. Spencer saved her once before and she’s counting on him to do so again when an old threat returns. But as she convalesces within the dark and gloomy walls of Kinraven, she soon realizes that she isn’t the only one in danger. There are dark forces at work at Kinraven. An ages old curse that has systematically destroyed every heir to the earldom has taken hold of Spencer. In order to save him, she’ll have to conquer the thing she fears most… love.



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