Poppy Pepper's world just came to a stop. One of her guests, a snowbird from Pennsylvania, just turned up dead at her family's small, retro camper resort. Paradise Cove and Mini Golf was a quiet vacation destination, popular with retirees looking to get away from cold winters up north.  
As a one-time paramedic, Poppy missed the adrenaline rush of the challenging medic job. Channeling her unused energy, and with help from a friend, Poppy can't help but get herself involved in the case. Tangled in details, Poppy finds herself faced with multiple suspects and not enough clues.
Set in balmy Central Florida, "Sunbaked Snowbird" is perfect for a light weekend read. This cozy mystery is family friendly. (No foul language, no blood, no sex) "Sunbaked Snowbird" is book 1 in the 'Poppy Pepper's Paradise Cove and Mini Golf' series.



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