He's digging up clues. Literally.
When struggling freelance writer, Clarissa Hayes, and her trouble-making Saint Bernard, Paw, visit their relatives in Upstate New York, they are saddened to find the family in mourning.  Clarissa's amateur sleuth uncle has died, evidently from a heart attack.
But was the death truly an accident?  An anonymous note hints that her uncle was murdered, and now Clarissa and Paw are determined to sniff out the truth.
Soon the duo find themselves nose deep in their uncle's final baffling case: the theft of the fabulous Blue Dolphin diamonds. Clarissa's determination to find her uncle's killer leads her deep into a world of glittering gems and deadly secrets, where each new discovery threatens to bring her to the notice of a ruthless murderer who will stop at nothing to cover his tracks. 
Can Clarissa and her detective dog Paw crack the case, or will they become the killer's next victims?
If you like a furry detective who is smart and mischievous, you'll love this Dog Detective.
The Mystery of the Blue Dolphins is the first short story mini mystery in A Dog Detective Series.
If you like a longer read, try the first full-length novel, Mastiffs, Mystery, and Murder.
Buy "The Mystery of the Blue Dolphins" and solve this cozy short mystery with Paw.



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