A Steamy Western Cowboy Romance
Brittany was the perfect daughter. Beautiful. Smart. Engaging. She had a goal in life and the plan in place to make them a reality. All the boys wanted her for their girlfriend and she knew how to use that to her advantage. Mama and Daddy thought she was as pure as the driven snow . And Brit wanted to keep it that way.
And then there was Misty. She was everything they’d done wrong. She had dreams just like her older sister, only they weren’t very clear at the moment. She wasn’t as adventurous as her sister and so she often didn’t get the guy. It’s a bit hard when you’re trying to be yourself and not what Mama and Daddy think you should be.
Jonah Montgomery needed a job. Unbeknownst to Misty, Daddy Reynolds invited Jonah to dinner to get to know him and introduce the new hand to the family. Brittany immediately turned on the charm while Misty silently watched and listened. It was the final straw when sweet sister Brittany hinted that she wanted some alone time with the so sexy new hand. Misty refused to fight over a man. So she did what she did best: she walked away. Walked away to the only beings who truly understood and loved her, the horses.
Jonah follows and they began to talk. He discovers that beneath that hard façade is a very beautiful and sensitive woman who just wanted to be loved. And Jonah was just the man to do it.
Sometimes an invitation to dinner with the family can earn you an unexpected desert.



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