The Kingdom of God is here! 
The defining message of Dr. Myles Munroe’s life and work—now available for the first time as a packaged collection.
While many remember Dr. Munroe for delivering exceptional teaching on topics such as purpose, potential, vision, praise and worship, leadership, and even relationships, perhaps no revelation has been more important for the individual believer as his message on the Kingdom of God. 
Dr. Munroe served as a pioneer and prophetic voice, summoning people to experience and enjoy the fullness of their salvation in Christ. This came through discovering their purpose, unlocking their potential, and walking the earth as Kingdom citizens, fueled by Heaven’s vision. 
Dr. Munroe now stands among the great cloud of witnesses in Heaven, still beckoning us onward to become representatives and ambassadors of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. His voice continues to challenge Christ-followers around the world to fulfill their destinies. 
Today, Dr. Munroe’s Kingdom message is more crucial than ever. In this hour of turmoil and upheaval, embrace your Kingdom purpose!



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