‘The Marathon of Faith – Rio 2016’ retraces Eder dos Santos unlikely path to qualifying and competing in the 2016 Rio de Janeiro’s Olympic marathon event.
Born and raised in a small, picturesque agricultural community in Brazil’s heartland, each of the winding 26 miles (or chapters) are flashbacks of the major events during Eder’s life – church, family, work, romance, marriage, birth, and death. His life and this marathon have ups and downs that will test both his character and his beliefs, as Eder confronts not only world-class runners from around the globe, but also one more major crisis during the race through the beautiful streets and beaches of Rio. Eder’s special relationship with his gifted wife, Gelita, is the guiding light that helps him through each the twisting turns. The inspirational Gelita and her extraordinary wisdom go above and beyond our earthly world.
The actual 2016 Olympic marathon in Brazil is the last event scheduled for Sunday, August 21, 2016, will truly start and finish from the ‘Carnival Samba Dome’, and is planned to be run through the streets of Rio. The magnificent marathon competition is revealed through the eyes of two broadcasting commentators who recount the drama as the race unfolds. Historically, the Olympic marathon has always been the most popular event and now even more than ever as today’s athletes close in on that mystical barrier of a sub-two hour race. Experts agree that man has physically progressed to this capability and now it is more a matter of mind over body, and of course favorable race day conditions.



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