Sage moved to Atlanta for the same reason many do, a fresh start; running away from a past she so desperately wanted to forget. As a single mother and inspiring artist she always managed to get by. It wasn't until she "accidentally " fell in love with a charming and romantic Atlien by the name of Ace, did she feel that her luck was changing. Things take a fast forward in their relationship and seemed to never be coming to an end, until one night Ace's past meets them in a dark alley in the mean Atlanta streets. Sage knows there is no going back from here, as she finds that you never really know a person until its too late. As her mind and heart battle it out, she's determined to keep her fairytale love story from turning into a nightmare. But what happens when Ace leaves her, and she is forced to face the truth alone? She doesn't have it all put together yet, but even after he is gone his past comes back to haunt her; demanding that she pay off his debts. Ace's mother Lillian seems to be keeping his secrets airtight as well, but reassures Sage she has nothing to fret about. Entangled in a web of love, lies, and deceit; Sage can only put her trust into her best friend Shelly. Will love conquer all for Sage or will she drown in the lies of her King?



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