Nick often wondered what his life might have been like if he hadn’t been discovered by his father. The only difference between selling himself on Boy Rent and then to truckers was the fact that Nick had to do the latter to survive. There had always been the hint of danger in working for Boy Rent, but that was manageable. His parents had not caught on to his subterfuge and it was pure and simple stupidity that had resulted in his father finding him in the arms of a man. As a trucker prostitute (a term Nick hated, but couldn’t deny), Nick disliked the constant search for a place to lay his head and make enough money to eat. He certainly had been successful as his stash of cash allowed him to finally break free of that life and when all was said and done, Nick wasn’t ashamed of what he had done.
As for becoming a porn actor, it had seemed the only option to leave the truckers behind. Nick hadn’t gotten into any really bad situations on the road, but having his body used by countless strangers night after night just to survive wasn’t a life he wanted. As young as he was, Nick knew he had a limited amount of time to use his physical assets before he was too old to entice lonely truckers or satisfy the requirements for BAB. The studio had become a refuge and Nick didn’t regret having sex on screen for the pleasure of the guys who bought the videos.
For Sammy, life had gone on after Nick disappeared; however, Sammy couldn't forget the young man. Sammy kept looking at his phone willing it to ring. Now that he had called and left a message for Nick to return his call, all he could think of was hearing Nick’s voice. He didn’t care what Nick might have to tell him and how Nick had ended up at Bare Assed Boys. Sammy already knew about Nick’s prostitution on the highways and could have cared less for the most part. Sammy had wondered a bit if all that sex had been safe and Nick was clean, but decided that BAB wouldn’t have hired Nick if he had an STD. All that mattered now was reconnecting with Nick. Sammy had to know if Nick still had feelings for him.



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