when a young drifter sought out shelter from an approaching storm, he finds himself the unlikely savior of a reckless girl, killing the despicable village priest and in the process, leaving an unknown witness behind.
years later and much older, the drifter re-visits the village, where the not so young girl, finds him half-dead. she nurtures him back to life only to discover he was her guardian. In caring for him, her lonely, but passionate heart could not deny its burning need to have him, as she falls in love with her savior.
thinking he was dead, her protector finds his most ardent desire within reach. he discovered the touch, “her touch” that embodied all he craved as a young man and now a grown one. her mere touch, personifies loves passion, peace, and a home, in its simple caress. he knew he found the truest of all emotions that a man would die for, love!
but when the unknown witness finds him, could they survive his sadistic intent for retribution?



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