This eBook will outline the development stage of the action enquiry by exploring definitions of creativity and its place in the curriculum. It will reflect upon the creative approaches adopted during the three-week implementation; and, building upon research identified during the development stage, the creative dispositions: persistence, discipline, imagination, inquisitiveness and collaboration (Lucas et al., 2012, p.13). The evaluation will analyse learner outcomes and identify the impact of the action enquiry on future practice. The essay will refer to a number of key documents, including “A Curriculum for Wales- A Curriculum for Life” (DCELLS, 2015a), and a wide range of research, including “Progression in Creativity: Developing new forms of assessment” (Lucas et al., 2012, p.13). The conclusion will synthesise findings and point towards the importance of creativity and a creative approach to learning in raising standards in KS2 mathematics, particularly for lower level learners, with teachers and schools requiring a clear framework to define, assess and nurture creativity in young mathematicians across Wales.



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